Volleyball Girls’ Team


Laura Sévigny, Journalist, photograph

The volleyball team is confident about the next tournament.

In the secondary 3 volleyball girls team, there are 12 players. Their captain is Maxym Dorval. Maxym is the number eight and she is a spiker. Stéphanie Marchand and Lysandre Rousseau-Théberge are the coaches of this volleyball team.  

Alicia Gomaty is a spiker and she has the number 12. She started playing volleyball because of her father. Her father was playing volleyball before she was born. Alicia thought it was a great sport so she tried it and she liked it. She started to play at the age of 9. She thinks she should improve her reception of service. Alicia loves little trips with her team and their coaches. She also likes their teamwork. Her favourite things in the tournament are to play with new schools and new players. In the practices, she loves to play mini-matches because these can prepare them for their next tournament and for the others that are coming. 

   “My team and I are very close because half of the team are in the same class, so we already know each other. We have good complicity,” said Alicia. 

Éva Sévigny has the number four and she plays as a setter. When she is at the tournament she likes the adrenaline, the energy and winning. She started to play volleyball because of her mother. She was playing at the house and thought it was nice so she tried it. Éva played at school in grade five. She went to a tournament in grade 5. She wanted to continue so she tried the school’s team at her secondary. She thinks she should practice her serves. She thinks she and her team are close because they can share many jokes and laughs. She also said that they plan activities between them even if it is not related to volleyball.