Explo Art: A Good Option For Artistic People

Elianne Labrie and Melissa Turmel

In the school La Camaradière, students in secondary three, four and five have an incredible option they can experience: Explo Art!!


This option teaches you all professional artistique jobs. At the beginning of the year, students are working on architectural design with the project of the 3D house. This project needs to respect the style of design from the year chosen and it takes about two months and a half to finish. Also, you will be able to see their project in an exposition very soon.


The students are loving the 3D house project. One of them say: “ I like the fact that there is a research part and that we have a lot of liberties in the confection of the small building” 


Every year, students get to fabrique a shoe and artists from this year are starting this project soon. This sculpture is made to teach the teenagers about the “Métier d’arts” however it’s not the only project they can do. The teacher decides every year what fashion clothing creation she wants to do.


Furthermore, the vibe of the class. As soon as the year starts the educator makes sure to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. If we take the teacher’s view of the vibe it is a bit more to her like a big family as the result of all the work they do together.  The energy doesn’t only stay in class, thus they actually do pretty cool trips every year in Chicago, New York or Paris. However, because of covid they had to stop travelling.