Sexual Assault ; The Man Isn’t Always To Blame


Marguerite Lortie, Journalist

A few weeks ago, a famous tiktoker announced that he is a victim of sexual and verbal abusing from another popular influencer in the Hype House in Los Angeles.


The young Tiktok star Jack Wright published a video a few weeks ago talking about his traumatizing friendship with Sienna Mae. The teenager talked about the sexual and verbal abusing that the young woman made him go through. 


Jack posted the video on his personal Youtube channel and got more than 20 millions views, so a lot of fans started to post hate on Sienna. She responded to this by posting a video on her Youtube channel saying that all his accusations were false. Everyone thought the two of them were a couple because of their tiktoks together where they were cuddling but the teenagers explained they were actually never together.


Jack explained that he hid all those information for a long time because he is a person who likes to give second chances but now it was too much. He talked about everything with his friends and family and he finally decided to announce it to the world in a video called ‘’What Sienna Mae did to me’’. He explained four different situation when Sienna crossed the boundaries by touching him without his consent. The teenager said she was even broking into his house at night. He would wake up to her touching his body very often. So often that he said he was used to it.


During his emotional video, Jack said that she would abuse of him a night and the next morning she would apologize and say she will never do it again because it was a mistake. Jack would believe her and always give her another chance, but she would redo it every time anyway.


Also, She even started to be over protective by panicking every time Jack just took pictures with other girls when she was flirting with a bunch of other guys on social media when they were not even a couple.


This serious situation got caught on camera once during an animated party. Jack was black out drunk an Sienna started to make out with him. All his friends stood up for him and stopped her by saying it wasn’t right. She finally addressed it when the hype house threated her to post it in their Netflix tv show. The young guy just wants her to get help because he heard about other guys denouncing Sienna as a rapist. “I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help she needs.” said Jack on tweeter. 


She responded to all this drama by saying all of those were false even though we can clearly see on the video that Jack is not lying. Sienna talked about Jack as a “player”. She explained that all the abusing was not true and it was actually Jack that played her because he didn’t want anything more than friendship with her. She said she was all this time crazy in love with him and that she will always love him and he played with her feelings to have views on kissing and dancing tiktoks.

She wrote on the internet what she thought of his accusation “All Jack and I ever did was kiss. I have never seen, felt or touched him naked. We spent several nights at the Hype House together but I never grabbed him asleep or awake. Yet I’m still being called a ‘rapist’ across the internet by those who don’t understand the meaning of the word.” She even tried to call herself innocent because she is famous, so she would never do actions like this. People thought being famous doesn’t make you not responsable of a sexual assault.


All of this drama created two different sides to defend. Even though Jack is very emotional about this and shows how hard it was, a lot of people still believe that Sienna is saying the truth and that jack is making out this story. On the other hand, fans and supporters are believing Jack because it’s a very hard thing to live and the world have seen the video of the party that shows his point very well. 


Before all of this happened, both of the influencers were known for other things. Sienna was actually a body positivity tiktoker. She was showing her body and proving to everybody that every kind of morphology is beautiful and that nobody should be ashamed of their bodies. Jack was more a dance creator. He always danced during his life and he first got known for his dancing tiktoks with his brother and the members of the Hype House. He actually became a member of this creators and influencer house in the begging of his career on social media. With everything going on between the two of them, a lot of people are ashamed that Sienna still has that amount of followers. Jack is at 10,2 millions and Sienna is still at 13,7 millions on their personal page. 


This touchy subject is important to take care of and talk about it with trusting people around you. A lot of platforms and people are present in our world to stop abusement and denounce it. If you need help there are a bunch of people out here to help you with this hard moment and you don’t have to be scared to ask for help. 


1‑888‑933‑9007 Sexual Violence Helpline (Québec)

514‑933‑9007 Sexual Violence Helpline (Montreal)  for more informations.