Elderly Women not Safe From Femicide


Halali Mehyra Lyrane Kouadio, Editor

 Femicide is an urgent matter affecting women of all ages.

The year 2022 hasn’t even properly started yet, 2 women have already died at the hands of their male partners, and one lost her life to unknown circumstances. Those women were all of a certain age and 2 of them were living with their respective husbands.

The first one was Manon Boisvert, she was found dead under suspicious circumstances. The body of the mother of three living in Longueuil was found in her parked car. The murder of the 54 years old woman is still being investigated. 

In Dunham, Friday the 18, Patrizia Rao, a 59 years old woman, was found dead in an elderly residence beside her husband, Frédérick-Lynn Blair, 63 years old. The authorities suspect a murder followed by a suicide.

Last Saturday night, the 20th, the corpse of a 71-years-old woman, and a man, 75, were found in their home by police officers in Laval. The officers came after a call from their neighbor, seeing the car of the man with plenty of snow on it. The neighbor testified that the man was always the first one to clear snow from his car. The theory of murder-suicide is also being followed by the police officers.

While femicide of older women doesn’t happen often, it still is a matter that needs to be looked into. Their death should not be forgotten or be of least value, only because they are older. The same actions and time put to find the murderer of a young woman should be used for an older woman.

To put a stop to all of those femicides, we should all stick together and, if you witness something appearing to you as domestic violence should call the authorities.

If you are ever in the need, feel free to go or call this number: