A Remake of a Childhood Classic

Noah Savoie

Last month Nintendo has announced a rebirth of one of their most iconic video games series and is quite a bit of nostalgia for anyone who has enjoyed the Wii sports series.

This new game is going to be name Nintendo Switch Sports and will be the latest addition to the Wii Sports franchise. This series is one of the most sold series of Nintendo which has achieved over 115 million sales.

This game will be launched on April 29 at 9 a.m. for a price 79.99$

At launch, This new game will consist of six games, three from the previous series like Bowling, Tennis, and Kendo, also new ones like volleyball, soccer, and badminton. Golf will be added later in the fall.

The player will also be able to buy accessories specially made for some of the sports like soccer there will be a strap that you can buy to kick in the air and it will be counted as if the player was kicking the ball.

One disappointment that we have learned from the community is the change of design from the character isn’t Mii anymore this has surprised quite a lot of people who forged memories with those characters that first appeared in 2005. These new characters are called Sportsmates, and are a lot more customisable. They have lost their basic shape body and turned into more Human looking. For some people, this might a good thing but for some, it is devastating that the characters aren’t simplistic anymore.

This will be quite attended by the community and will be a lot of fun perfect for parties and play with the family.