It’s Time For More Trees


Alicia Miller

North America needs a huge amount of new trees as soon as possible.


This summer, the United-State and the west coast of Canada faced record-breaking heatwaves, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, and even floods. These occurrences cause tree loss.  Studies show that just in the states, 36 million trees are lost annually and that they would need 522 million new trees to balance that loss


 The causes of tree loss are mostly related to human activity, population density, development, etc. People have to begin to care about trees if they want to change for the better.


“Cities will become warmer, more polluted, and generally more unhealthy for inhabitants,” said David Nowak.


Trees can be very beneficial for people. Mr. Nowak wrote down a list of 10 benefits that trees offer. In this list, it is clear that trees help with a lot of things like heat reduction, air pollution reduction, energy emissions reduction, water quality improvement, flooding reduction, and so many more.


What can I do to help?


If you just read that and you want to help, here’s a couple of things you could do. Replacement of fallen trees would be an easy way to help that cause. It is extremely difficult for trees to repopulate themselves. Protect the ones you have and take care of them. Remove the dead limbs and do not remove trees if it’s not required. Finally, feel free to become involved, many towns need help worrying about trees.