Sport Boycott on Russia


 Various sport-related sanctions and bans were applied to Russia as a result of the war it started in Ukraine.


On Thursday morning, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced that the Russian and the Belarus athletes won’t be able to participate in the Paralympics games due to security issues. Afraid that there might have some violence between the athletes of different nations, the president of the IPC, Andrew Parsons had no choice but to not permit them from participating.  


The FIFA and UEFA ban all the Russian national and club soccer teams from participating in any competitions organized by them indefinitely. This decision was put in place after Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic men’s teams refused to play against Russia in the upcoming matches.


To add to it the NHL decided to suspend its partnerships with Russian businesses and no longer consider playing games with them in the future.


Belarus who also participated in the attack on Ukraine was sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee with Russia and will not be invited to compete in future events organized by them.


The British Olympic Association on its side wants Russia and Belarus to be banned from all international events.