The Incredible Story of Ukraine’s President


James Thibeault, Journalist

Volodymyr Zelenskyy keeps on fighting and inspires the whole nation to resist invasion.

This man, born in 1978, became a comedian and actor in his first career. Volodymyr was born and lived in Kryvyi Rih, one of Ukraine’s biggest cities for most of his life.

What got this man his role as president may surprise you. He created a company that makes movies and series. He called it Kvartal 95, and he even made cartoons.

One of this company’s biggest hits was a series called ‘’Servant of the people’’ which was about the 5th president of Ukraine with a comedy feel. Volodymyr played the main character, the president, and he was very good. People who watched the show thought he did such a good job that they told him to become the actual president!

In March 2018, he created a political party named Servant of the people, the same as the name of the series. On 31 December 2019, he officially announced that he was going to participate in the next election.

Then came the election which he won with 70% of the votes in the 2nd round. He, since then, is the 6th president of Ukraine. Sadly for him, times have got harder for his country, but he isn’t giving up so fast.

Russia is invading Ukraine, at this moment. As the fight escalated the US offered Zelenskyy a ride to America, so he could be safe from war. What he responded instantly became legendary. ‘’I need ammunition, not a ride’’. He prefers to risk his life to defend his country, instead of fleeing and letting his country be taken away. Recently, he survived 3 assassination attempts by Russia.