Good news for students in Quebec


Grégoire Papillon, Grégoire Papillon

The public health of Quebec announced the end of the mask mandate in primary and secondary schools. 


Before March 7 students had the obligation to keep the mask on at all times in the school, it was only possible to remove it in the cafeteria to eat. The increase of cases in December made the government apply restrictions on different sectors.  

Thursday, February 22 the health minister Christian Dubé and the education minister confirmed that the mask would no longer be mandatory.

More precisely, The students will have the right to remove it after March break, March 7. For high school students, it will be March 14. March Break is not the same for some students.

Although the mask is no longer mandatory, there are still limitations to what you can do. Students are asked to wear protection when they are in the hallways and in transport.

“I think that the first step [towards the withdrawal of the mask mandate], it is the one that we live today with the new measures in class”, rejoiced Minister Dubé. He opened the door to “a phased mask removal plan” in other business sectors, Mr. Dube, said. 

 In public spaces (ex: city bus, store, cinema) it will still be important to keep it. Students in Alberta haven’t had a mask in school since February 14. With time, the restrictions will end if people continue to make a few efforts.