Sports Returning Announcing Good News



The Cadet Basketball Team is in a 3 Games Win Streak, And who knows might even Win The Banner                                       


This cadet team coached by Michel Racine is in a good position to get in the playoffs and win them. To get in the playoffs you need to be placed first to fourth in the classement. This team is currently placed second in the rankings. Their current record is 4 wins out of six games played.


Their captain, Trésor Janel was recently injured due to a bad landing but he is now okay and will be able to play the upcoming games. He is a 15 year old center. He led the team to many wins with his ability to attack the rim and absorb contact. The team had more difficulty winning games during the time he wasn’t present. quote


This cadet team is mostly privileging their point guards because they have three of them in the team which is more than every other position. They mostly use set offense which make their offense very structured and harder to stop. Their biggest win was against Jean- Francois Perrault high school when they had a 53 points lead when the game ended. 


The government announced weeks ago that all sports games will have their return and that is making a lot of teams happy such as the camaradière cadet basketball team with the comfortable streak they are having.