Canada’s highest temperature in 2021


Maïka Genest

Western Canada registered a new temperature record with it rising 22,5 °C over the average.


The province that got the record for the highest temperature in 2021 is British Columbia. 


It was recorded in Penticton, a small town in the center of B.C. and it happened suddenly because for many months some extreme weather events occurred in the west of Canada. Penticton has 33 000 habitants and is located nearly one hundred kilometres from Lytton and 250 kilometres northwest of Vancouver. 


“But it is consistent with what we would expect from a changing climate,” said the meteorologist Philipe-Alain Bergeron of Environment and Climate Change Canada.


In June, the historical record temperature in Canada was 49.6 degrees Celsius in Lytton and the temperature almost reached  50°C.


This region of British Columbia suffered from an effect called a “heat dome”, which caused many forest fires.


Also, since mid-November, British Columbia was affected b catastrophic flooding caused by violent rainfall which is also linked to global warming.


“I think we’re going to be very confident that this will be the most extreme spread in temperatures that we would have ever seen in a year,” said the meteorologist Philipe-Alain Bergeron of Environment of Climate Change Canada.


British Columbia arctic flow conditions, two dozen lows were delivered in the areas of Abbotsford (-12.4 C and in 2008 it was -11.9 C), Burns Lake (-39 C and in 1996 it was -37.6 C), Fort Nelson ( -40.6 C and in 1961 it was -40 C) and Hope (-15.7 C and in 1971 it was -13.9 C).