Racial Issues at Ukraine’s Boarder

Grégoire Papillon

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Africans and Middle Easterners can’t get out of the country because of their appearance.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the government decided to evacuate the population for their safety. The evacuation of thousands of people around the country to bring them around the neighboring country. Unfortunately, this war procedure is not available for some residents in their nations. 

Actually, some communities can’t get out of this region because of where they come from. Nigerians, Moroccans, Congolese, and Iraqis have faced difficulties at the border. The authorities didn’t want to allow them leave the conflict zone. So, they all got stuck at the boarder. 

The most affected community by this situation are Africans. Some of them have reported several incidents. For example, a few people didn’t have the right to get on a train, which was supposed to leave the Ukraine territory. It is unfair considering that the local population had the authorization to get onboard. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba expressed his regrets and apologized, this Tuesday, March 1. “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected Ukrainians and foreign nationals in many destructive ways,” he wrote in a tweet. “Africans seeking to evacuate are our friends and must have equal opportunities to return to their countries safely.” 

In the rest of his message, Dmytro Kuleba assures that “the Ukrainian government is sparing no effort to solve this problem”.

 The United Nations agreed to help people who have trouble leaving the region. They want to make sure that respect and equality are not forgotten at the border. As well, the Senegalese president Macky Sall who is in charge of the African Union replied that this situation is “unacceptable.”