Airbnb: A Way to Give Money Directly to Ukrainian


Justin belleau

The platform Airbnb has found a way to give money to ukrainian by renting an airbnb and donating 100% of profit to them.


Lots of people have been wondering how they could help Ukrainian since the war started. Airbnb’s members have found a new way to provide money to Ukrainian in need. They have temporarily stopped the fees that could go up from 3% to 15%so people in Ukraine can now put their house on Airbnb and get 100% profit on the renting. People from around the world can now rent a house or room in support of the oppressed. Of course, these people won’t travel in person to the war zone.


There is now housing that is available to anybody that would want to rent an logement. Still there is less habitation because people are renting them from all over the world. The usual price is about 82$ Canadian but there are cheaper lodging and more expensive ones depending on how much money you want to give. You can donate money to if you want to give any amount to help Ukrainian. The San Francisco-based company is hosting 100 000 residents paid by the company, donors to an Airbnb Refugee Fund, and local hosts.


In 2008, this was a little company that came out has a new site to rent your house, appartement and cabin. In 2020, Airbnb had a net worth of more than 3,378 billion USD. This company has started in San Francisco in California. Their site now has lodging in 65,000 cities and more than 191 countries across the globe.