Students Volunteer to Paint the Class

Jacob Denis and Melyna Lavoie

The English concentration decided to paint their class and had a great time as they developed manual skills, and got to know each other better.  

Day 1

On a pedagogical day, Jacob, Maliha, Arianne, Marie, Olivier, Victoria, Noémie, And Notorious Mr. Gagnon arrived early in the afternoon in the classroom to lay the foundation of a new learning environment.

The first step was preparing the paint, taping all the walls and taking off all electrical sockets. “Unfortunately, no one was electrocuted,” mentioned Mr. Gagnon.

By 12:00, the most important person arrived, Jacob, and it was time to tape the ceiling thanks to his 6’5’’ and incredible physique. He was a great help to the team.

It was then time to start painting the contours.

By 13:00 Oliver aka “the legend” started to roll with all his might which resulted in a broken broomstick

While everyone was out there giving all they had taping, painting, and rolling Maliha chose the music, took a well-deserved break then took a few pictures, and at the end painted a little bit. She did very well at dabbing.

Hear what she has to say for herself “yessss, I did a lot, she said” At 14:30, the tasks were over and people went back home to enjoy their off-day.


Day 2

A few days later on a school night, another squad assembled. Constituted by Maliha, Noemie, Anne-Julie, Gregoire, Raphaelle, Maika, and the teacher, they painted the second layer of gray on the entire class and then the two pins-boards in black. 

Here are the main things we have learned through this experience:

Maliha is quite a drama queen, and her music is bad and explicit. Mister. G is left-handed and appreciates coffee and Samantha (his thermos). Anne-Julie painted the pinboards to perfection. Grégoire and Raphaelle rolled the wall with professionalism. Everyone enjoys 80s music except for Maliha.

Cleaning the brushes in the teacher’s washroom was awesome.