Ukrainian Refugees


Joannie Caron

Some schools may not be able to accommodate them.

The main stake is that schools are at full capacity, La commission scolaire de la Capitale said that the lack of space is not a problem for now. ”Everything will depend on the number of Ukrainian children to be educated and above all, in which sector they will come to settle” said, Marie-Claude Lavoie.  La Commission Scolaire de la Capitale welcomes students from the central neighborhoods. The lack of space concerns both primary and secondary schools.

Some people think we are not prepared for this but, Jean-François Roberge affirmed the opposite, he thinks we have everything to welcome them properly. School service centers are used to receive students from various countries. Many services are offered. There is still no limit to refugees we can welcome here. ” The ministry will watch the situation very closely and will ensure that Ukrainian students benefit from all the support necessary for their integration, like all children whose parents choose Quebec as their host country,” wrote Bryan St-Louis.

300 refugees would be welcome at the center multiethnique de Quebec, they can accommodate refugees for a period of about six months. They are also looking for volunteers to participate in the integration process and sponsor families for a period of 6 to 12 months. With more volunteers, there are more people we can accommodate. We are still waiting for more information from the center.

Students will go to french school maybe some could be educated in English but the education ministry doesn’t want that. Jean-François Roberge thinks they should be in French school because of La Charte de la langue française. ”We have interpreter services and psychosocial services.” The rule is people who arrive in Quebec from outside Canada must attend French school, they are trying to respect this rule.