A New Way to Get Delivered!

A New Way to Get Delivered!

Yoan Robitaille, Editor

Google has created a delivery drone and has already completed more than 200 000 orders.  


In 2019, Google has created drones that can delivered package and fast-food. Google assured that the service is more popular day by day. 

They are making 1000 delivery each day which is equivalent to one per 25 seconds. 

There are some ecological advantages with drone delivery. It is way less polluting and there will be less traffic. 

“This technology would reduce traffic congestion, automobile accidents and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing business sales and saving people travel time.” write Google. 

The project was launched 2 years ago and there is still some problem that persists. The drones don’t have a lot of autonomy, they can just fly 10 kilometers before the batterie goes down and they can’t carry a lot of weight, precisely 1,2 kilograms.  

This technology is not accepted everywhere, in a metropolis for example. This is for security because drone is not able to detect obstacle and they can have some technological problem or encounter some problem when they land to delivered the package. 

“Integrating drone delivery into daily life is not just a convenience,” mentioned Google in a blog.