Short Concert Angers Fans


Maliha Kaihdri

March 19th, Ninho, a french rapper came late to his concert at Montreal and didn’t stay for too long on stage. 

 Fans waited approximately three hours at Olympia for this millionaire rapper. 

He performed for 40 minutes, which is really a short time compared to the time that fans waited.

 Regular tickets cost 108.15$ and meet and greet tickets cost 245.17$. 

Fans were really mad at him because they had paid a lot, they had been waiting and he didn’t even end his complete show. 

We still don’t know why did he stop his show prematurely but staff members said that at the beginning they had “technical problems” which is the reason why he started his show so late. Other people think that he left the stage because there weren’t a lot of people compared to his concerts in France. 

Here are some opinions from fans about his concert online:  

“Teddy Confiance: […] He is not a stage guy and he didn’t even sing Mamacite, filon, coup de poing and j’en passe.”

“Amadi Mood: Ninho came to the concert. It looks like me going to my step family and trying to ignore it. He has no respect […] Imagine you pay for this.”

“Sarahhhh2002: The wait for Ninho’s concert was longer than his concert.”


Translated from French to English. 

Ninho, from his real name William Nzobazola, was originally born in Longjumeau, France. Taking his father’s steps, a Congolese singer, Ninho started rapping at the age of 12.

October 26th 2016 he released a mixtape called M.I.L.S( Maintenant Ils Le Savent), the beginning. 

This mixtape is a certified platinum disc with more than 100 000 sales. 

On September 8th, 2017 he released his first album “Comme prévu”, the number one disc in France. In two weeks, his album became a gold record. In less than a month, it was certified disc platinum. In April 2018, it was certified triple platinum with 400 000 sales. 

Recently he released an album called “JEFE”. In one week, this album reached the Top one album in France with 66 685 sales, 56 118 streams and 891 downloads.