Rainforest in Danger


Maïka Genest

In January, Brazil recorded the most deforestation in its territory. Striking a blow to the lungs of the earth. 

Last month, the deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon totalled 430 square kilometres (166 square miles). In 2018, it was illegal to deforest Brazil’s Amazon.

According to experts, if efforts are not made by 2030 none of this forest will be left.

In June and in September, there was a high deforestation rate because the rainforest is much dryer these months.
Deforestation in 2021 in the Brazilian Amazon reached its highest level in 15 years. Preliminary data in January shows that the destruction continues to increase. 

It is clear that the Bolsonaro administration is more interested in profit than protecting the environment. Pereira said, “Changing the political profile of the president and federal government leadership is crucial at this moment to see a break in this trend of high levels of deforestation,”.

December and November, are crucial months. There is a higher cloud cover than the previous year so loggers can go around cutting trees without being seen by satellites.   

“There is a race to deforest the Amazon”, Soares Filho said. He said to a president Bolsonaro’s office but he did not respond to a request for comments. 

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has reached 22%, since 2006. Brazil has the largest tropical forest in the world, but it seems that the trees of the Amazon warm the Earth because they absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide which is also a cause of global warming.