Assault of a Young Girl by a Stranger


Alicia Gomaty

March 15 on boulevard Tricentenaire in Montreal, a little girl named Alicia Ndaya was disfigured after many blows and kicks by a 21 years old man

The young girl was walking home with her friends to eat lunch as usual at 11h30 when she was assaulted. 


According to Mushiya Tsh;

My niece, well brought up and still as loving as she is by nature.. smiled at this man not knowing what he could do to her.” says the girl’s aunt, stressed.


With the help of the young girl’s friends who manage to alert the nearby people to call the ambulance and control the crazy man, she was able to be rushed to the hospital.


The family thanked the people for their act of courage and the speed they took to help the little girl. 


The police department says they arrested a 21-year-old man following the assault. 


After Alicia’s aunt, posted a photo of the face of Alicia, on social media with a text explaining what happened to her niece, she adds;


“May justice be done for my niece and for all the victims of this kind of sick person who roams our street” 


The little girl still at the hospital will be fine but with scars and traumas. Investigators are reportedly considering the hypothesis of mental health issues.