Russia Launches Hypersonic at Ukraine


James Thibeault, Journalist

Russia sent hypersonic missiles to Ukraine. The war has gone to a whole other level.


Russian soldiers have been attacking Ukraine for over a month now and their attacks have been more dangerous every time. Last Saturday, Russian soldiers used hypersonic missiles on Ukraine. They targeted an ammunition depot. Igor Konashenkov said that the dangerous projectiles used are called“Kinzhal aviation missile system with hypersonic aeroballistic missiles,”. He also said that the missiles hit multiple underground ammunition depots in the small city of Delyatyn in Ukraine. Ukraine lost a lot of important weapons to defend itself from the invasion. 


These new missiles are so fast that they go ten times faster than the speed of sound and travel over 1250 miles. They are some of the most dangerous missiles around the world.


The next day, Russia sent even more hypersonic missiles to multiples cities in Ukraine. This time, Kinzhal aviation missile systems targeted a fuel depot instead of an ammunition depot. It was situated in Kostiantynivka, which is very close to the port of Mykolaiv, at the Black Sea. It was 2 consecutive days that missiles were shot at Ukraine, and maybe more are to come soon. 


Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, who is still defending his country during the war, compared Vladimir Putin to the Nazis. Just like they were attacking the Jews, he compares that attack to the Ukraine War. Many Ukrainian, of all ages, were killed during the deadly attacks. He also accused Putin of war crimes committed by his troops. After all this war, Zelenskyy is still hoping to negotiate peace with Russia. The US is providing ammunition to Ukraine so they might strike back soon.