New Beginning


Maliha Kaihdri

 On March 18th, 2022, Top Boy released its new season on Netflix worldwide. 


Top Boy is a Netflix series talking about the life of drug dealers, their environment and everyday life. This series produced exclusively by Drake has now reached the top five of best series in the UK. 

This new season talks about Dushane’s(Ashley Walters) life other than being a drug dealer, we see his family and his personal conflicts. He wants to live a normal life. Away from drugs, from murder. He wants to become free. During this season, we see him changing and developing. We watch him living a normal life with his family.

Fans could not wait any longer for this season. 

Top Boy was shot so well and featured a strong cast. Well-acted, well-written television like this doesn’t come around that often” Rotten Tomatoes.

For season one, this series focuses on the life of Ra’ Nell(Malcolm Kamulete).  A young teenager goes to Summerhouse, a life, a group where everything involves crimes and drugs after that his mother goes to a psychiatric hospital. He is known in this domain for stabbing his father. The main character is calm and lonely. He doesn’t talk much and doesn’t like opening up to people. Heather, his mother’s friend, asked him to help her sell drugs so that she could leave this living and assure a good and safe environment for her kid. 


For the second season, Dushane, the star of this series, is having different conflicts with his best friend Sully(Kano).

For the third season, this drug dealer’s power is endangered and threatened by Jamie(Micheal Ward), a young scammer and brother of two. Netflix has taken over this series from season three. 

Season four is now available.