Gold in Your Car

Gold in Your Car

Simon Rancourt

Last week, the price of gas came close to 1,95$/liter in certain regions.

Petrol is very important in all of our lives, so when its price increases by more than 0,25$, not everyone can afford it, but why is it so expensive?


 In North America, in the oil sector, there are only two seasons, winter and summer. The additives added to the fuel change according to each season. Normally, the companies use the change between season to do the maintenance of the refinery which cause a reduction in the production and an augmentation of the cost of the gas.


 If a hurricane hits the Golf of Mexico and destroys installations, less petrol will be extracted and the price will increase. That happened in 2005 with the Katrina hurricane.

Global reserve

 When rumors and prognostics say that there will be a shortage, the price will be affected. Because petrol is a product listed on the stock exchange, the slightless worry about a shortage will make the cost on the stock market rise and the cost of gas will increase.