Volodymyr Zelensky: a President loved by the Public


Samuel Larose

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Ukraine’s president became well known by the world and gained a good reputation among the foreign population.


Volodymyr Zelensky is 44 years old man who is currently the president of Ukraine. Since the war started he has attracted a lot of attention on him and has become well known to foreign populations. People around the world also have mostly a good impression of him, but the question is, why is he so well-loved by the public.


At the beginning of the invasion by Russia, the United States proposed an exfiltration for Volodymyr Zelensky but he refused and said; “The combat is here, I need ammunition not a ride”. He then decided to stay in Kyiv to fight against the invasion of the Russian army even though he and his family are the number one target of Vladimir Poutine. Three attacks against him took place but without success.


He is not a politician like the others. During his campaign, he asked Ukrainians to participate in the development of his program by describing the problem of the country on social media. Elected President, he walked to his ceremony and declared, “I don’t want any of my photos in your offices, because I am neither a god nor an icon, but rather a servant of the nation”.


He also got known on Ukrainian television and begins a career as a comedian. A few years later he wins a dance talent show and does the voice of Paddington. His last role as an actor is the one of a teacher becoming the president of Ukraine in “Servant of the People”.