Top 6 Best TV Shows on Netflix


Daphné Gagné, Journalist

Do you sometimes feel like there are so many TV shows on Netflix that you don’t know what to watch? Here are six of the best series I recommend you to see. 

If you love and wish it was always summer, Outer Banks is the perfect show for you. It’s the story of a group of best friends around 16-year-olds that go on an adventure to look for gold. During this, they experienced all kinds of things. The adventure became very dangerous but fun to watch for the listener.

Atypical is a show about an 18-year-old boy on the autism spectrum who tries to find love and independence in a world that seems to be controlled by his mom. This series follows him and his loved ones through their journey trying to find themselves. 

La Casa de Papel is the story of a group of robbers who attempt to do the biggest robbery in history in the bank of Spain. All of this is controlled and directed by the Professor, an extremely intelligent man who planned the whole plan all his life. All along, the police try to trap and arrest them, but the Professor planned every little detail. 

Elite is a show about three teenagers on a scholarship who start to go to the most prestigious private school in Spain and from that moment, everything changes. The conflicts between the rich and poorer people start to degenerate, it even leads to murder. All kinds of romantic and sexual relationships start to form. 

Young Royals is a Swedish teen drama. Prince Wilhelm has the obligation to attend the elite boarding school Hillerska and falls in love, buit his royal family thought it was the “wrong person”. Through this show, Wilhelm tries to find himself and how to deal with everything that comes with being part of the royal family. 

Sex education is a very fun but also extremely educational show for teenagers who don’t know where to find the information they want to know. It is a story about Otis, a 16-year-old virgin, who knows a lot about sexuality because of his mom’s work. The teenager suddenly decides to start a secret sex therapy clinic, with his friend, to help their classmates with their problems and teach them very important things about their body and their feelings.