Who Did it?

Who Did it?

Lori Harvey


After being in the dark for a long time, someone finally decided to give Russia a taste of their own medicine.


In early March, an anonymous Ukrainian hacked into the Russian system and took control of over 4000 webcams. These cameras were situated all around the world but mostly on Russia’s border and in the depths of Russia.


Someone said that this footage was released to the public eyes to show what is actually happening in Ukraine and what president Putin does to their country. Those videos had some graphic images such as children being killed and some citizens dying. They could also show what some of the soldiers were doing to Ukrainians.


The camera footage was put on a site called Behind Enemy Lines. On the cameras, the hacker enforced messages saying that Russian nations will pay for the horrible decision Putin has made. Most nations will come with them to fight against Russia which will have huge consequences for the Russian communities. The system is feeding them lies like ‘’You must respond and fight to free yourself from your dictator’’.


More than 150 million residents of Russia don’t actually know what caused the war. They hoped to raise awareness among citizens and wanted to let them know that if they needed help escaping, Ukraine would be happy to help. 


A lot of people believe Ukraine is on the verge of being banned from the internet by Russia but it’s not the case. Russia could not just band anybody they want, it would be even harder for a big community like Ukraine. “Ukraine has a diverse internet infrastructure with few choke points – which means it’s difficult to switch off the country and there’s no centralized kill switch,” said Alp Toker of the monitoring organization NetBlocks.


The information about who was or were the hackers have not been reviled yet.