The Amazon Turning Into Greasy Savana?


Elianne Labrie

Scientists have proved that the Amazon is slowly coming to its tipping point

The forest is starting to lose its ability to get back on its feet after a disturbance and extreme weather catastrophe. Studies said that it already lost 75% of its resilience. Apparently, it’s been 20 years since scientists tried telling everyone that the tipping point is coming but nobody did something. Therefore, for the past three decades, a satellite has been monitoring the trees after a disturbance and their results weren’t reassuring for global warming.

It is even worse in the drier part of the Amazon, research reveals that it’s declining rainfall. The research concluded that as long as we don’t do something about it it will continue to become worse. A scientist said:” Once it starts, my sense is it could happen in decades”. One of the things that scare them is that a large part of the Amazon could flood into an unstoppable torrent that would transform them from lush rainforest into grassy savanna. Something that could happen that is even worse is if the forest becomes a savanna is that all the carbon increase in the ground would rise into the air which would even speed up the global changes.

Many of you could think that the president got the situation under control but it’s false. In reality, Bolsonaro was responsible for the loss of approximately 400,000 hectares each year. After some calculation, we found out that the monthly rate of deforestation has sped up from 88% since he became president in January 2021.

However, there is still some hope before we hit the line of no return. To encourage people to realize the problem Scientist Timothy Lenthon said: “It’s worth reminding ourselves that if it gets to that tipping point and we commit to losing the Amazon rainforest, then we get significant feedback to global climate change”. Searchers still recommended that if we want to change the future we have to do something. Just like: curbing global changes and halting deforestation is the solution.