Ups And Downs of Hunting

Eva Sévigny, Photograph

Animal hunting actually benefits the wildlife and keeps people from poaching.

If there weren’t any hunters and fisherman with licenses hunting, people would take matters into their own hands and poach, which would be really bad for the wildlife. 

Believe it or not, hunting is good for the wildlife if it is well regulated and managed. In North America, people who wish to hunt and fish have to buy a license to do so.  If they get caught hunting without one, severe fines are given to them.

The money collected from the licenses, along with some funds fishing and hunting services receive is used for research projects and fund wildlife management. Poaching, on the other hand, is a threat to the wildlife and has caused some species’ extinction and ruined humans’ and animals’ cohabitation on many occasions.

This is what happened in 2010, in Sankuyo, a village in Africa. The inhabitants received 600 000$ from visiting hunters. With this money, they were able to give 40 households potable water and toilets to 20. This may not seem big, but for these people it was a quality life changer. The hunting industry was however shut down in 2013 which made it hard for the village and animals to cohabitate. Leopards, lions and hyenas were stealing a great amount of livestock from the village, which pushed people to poach, destroying the harmony between them. 

While animal hunting helps the wildlife and the animals themselves, it is unfortunately responsible for breaking up families such as wolves that live in a close knit. The loud sounds and noises from hunting rifles which, in some cases, disrupts the animal’s eating habits making it hard for them to store enough food and fat for the winter. 

If the licensed hunters are respectful and careful while hunting, it helps to maintain the balance. However, if they aren’t mindful and kill without any conscience, that’s when it gets bad.