They refuse 500$ tax credit of Legault


Alicia Gomaty, journalist

Prime minister of Quebec, François Legault wants to give 500$ to the 6,4 million people who win 100 000$ and less.


For most families, this will represent $1 000 in the bank to lessen the negative effect of the rising cost of groceries and gas prices, among other things.

However, a lot of people in Quebec find that the 500$ is sent to the wrong place.

It’s the case of Joël Simard, a veteran It is time that we help people in misery. This $500 is not sent to the right place. I’m going to send him to a food bank in my area. I’m not a millionaire, but I’m going to help,”.

Legault defended his point of view said It is not just the poorest who are hit by inflation: nurses, teachers and members of parliament are also tasting it”

Even if Quebec is experiencing a “very solid” economic recovery and the structural deficit has fallen from $6.5 billion to $2.8 billion, the CAQ government is maintaining its focus on 2027-2028 to return to a balanced budget.