Snapchat King, Guilty of Child Pornography


William Lemieux

A teenager who saw her life turned upside down after being exposed naked on social media has testified to the ravages of the event to which the influencer, Dylan Demers, was found guilty.

Demers, who described himself as the Justin Bieber of Quebec, filmed three teenage girls in sexually explicit positions and then released the videos to his followers on Snapchat. One of the teenagers explained during the sentencing hearing of the fallen influencer, the consequences of being exposed.

When she was 13, she was invited to participate in a drunken evening, along with Demers and his sidekick Carlos Desjardins. That is when the filming took place.

“You see the world staring at you, and know they are whispering behind your back,” said the now 17-year-old. She lost her friends who were embarrassed to be seen in her company, especially at school. Her grades plummeted and she even dropped out of school for a year. “I didn’t have the strength,” said the teenager.

She also changed schools three times before graduating from high school in a private school. Even several years after the video was produced, she is still haunted. She is still saying she is afraid someone will recognize her. “Many people have made recordings,” she lamented. On eight or nine occasions, people have sent her a copy of the recording.

“It’s a stain on my reputation that will follow me all my life,” notes the victim who still has nightmares today. She considers herself naive to have found herself in this situation. “It’s still impressive when men aged 20 and over want to party with you.”