Russians Saying Goodbye to Putin


Melissa Turmel

Many journalists and business managers are leaving their homeland to go to Mexico or to the United States.


Since 2021, more than 8600 Russians have left Russia to go live in the USA or in Mexico. Actually, these people are journalists or business managers in disagreement with the politique Putin trying to get away with. In January 2022, there are still people that keep leaving and there are probably others planning to go to the United States soon, too.


For the journalists, it’s more about being able to write the truth about what’s actually going on between Ukraine and Russia without getting arrested. 

What is important to know is that all the ones leaving are mostly the ones that were well educated and wealthier. This causes Russia to be left with people who will follow Putin and what he says. “I don’t care if the computer scientists are gone, I’ll be left with the intelligent people,” Said Putin.


Also, In Ukraine, families must leave the place since they’re being attacked and fear for their lives. The Russians, on the other hand, have the money to pay for a hotel and stay there for an amount of time of 6 months.


 Now, the immigrants are asking for asylum in the USA, but they can’t because of rule 42. This rule was made by Donald Trump to restrict the right to ask for asylum for immigrants coming into this country.