Problematic Animal Overpopulation

Gabrielle Dugal

This is a huge problem for the ecosystem, the animals, and their habitat.

Animal overpopulation is a big problem for many aspects like ecosystems. When animals start to wander and leave their natural habitat to search for food, that is when they could get in danger. Their survival instinct is big enough to the point they could die for it.
The overpopulation of the same animal causes the same thing because they search for the same food.

Another effect caused by animal overpopulation is the degradation of their habitat. The number of animals that eat the same food in the same place damages nature. Many animals like deer like to feed on tree shoots and more with young trees. To summarize, animal overpopulation is bad for the food chain.

Overpopulation is also one of the causes of all the domesticated animals that are on the street, without homes. And animal instincts cause even more animals because they keep reproducing. Animal overpopulation is a threat to animals themselves. 3.7 million animals are euthanized per year because of it. According to Animal League, at least 70 000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the united states and a big majority don’t even have any shelter. The Orange County Animal Services accepted more than 12 000 homeless pets in the last year.

This just shows how many animals are left to fend for themselves because of their overpopulation. “The sheer volume of abandoned and discarded animals coming into our shelter day after day signals a problem,” mentioned The Orange County Animal Services manager. Sadly, one of the solutions to this problem would be to spay some animals to reduce the percentage of homeless animals. This is the best solution so far to help animals and reduce their overpopulation. Behaviour benefits are brought by spaying. Females have been observed not going into heat as much and males are less likely to escape the house to go find a partner.