Trash Collection Activity at La Camaradière

Maxym Dorval and Anya Amanvi

The school environmental council planned a garbage collection that will occur along the Rivière St-Charles, on May 17 at lunchtime.


The environment council is a club that wants to make a difference. It’s the first time this activity will take place at La Camaradière. They wish students will get involved in this project. They want to undertake little actions that, in the long term, will have an impact, on the school, and the neighbourhood. The reason why the trash collection will take place at the Rivière Saint-Charles is that all the trash that falls in the river goes all the way to the Saint-Laurent river. Therefore, the school wants to collect the trash before it hits the river.

According to the science teacher, Yanick Normandeau, the objective of this activity is to have a clean and healthy environment. Also, the environmental council wants to raise awareness among the students about the mess they sometimes cause. They want to make them realize that their actions can have a big impact on the world.

A survey was made in a secondary 3’s class and the students were asked if they believed that the project would make a difference in the environment. 11% answered yes, 26% answered no and 61% said that they believed that it would make a little impact and that it was a really good idea. The majority of the students said that it would make a small difference in the region but, not for the world.

For the organization, they planned everything. Students will not need to bring their own stuff because it is already provided by the council. The material given will be 100% hygienic so the only thing you have to bring, is your smile!