Don’t let Agressive parents on the Sidelines


Etienne St-Arnaud

  If you or someone in your family participates in sports, you’ve probably witnessed some pretty terrible conduct on the sidelines, from the parents, that is. 

 I’ve played soccer for years, and I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories: parents yelling at the referee; parents beating themself in one another fight. The worst was when I witnessed a father violently attack a kid on the field. And I was only 8 years old.   

Some youth sports leagues are struggling as a result of aggressive sports parents; verbal abuse has led to a shortage of umpires and referees in some locations. 

 I don’t know if this kind of stuff happened a lot like soccer in other sport, but praticly every game that I play of soccer the players are not always happy about the choices that the referee make including me. But when the parents go on the field and do something  such as agressively pushing a player, a coach or a referee, it becomes illegal because the action of the parents are not framed by the SAQ(Soccer Association of Quebec). 

For exemples, I had a game of soccer last weekend in Montreal and my coach wants us to arrive an hour and a half before the game start. Due to that reason I saw a parents punched the sideline referee only because he was giving to much off-side for no reason (the parent thought). 

Children love to hear their parents cheer, when it is positive and appropriate. This increases their enjoyment of the experience.  

This information could confirm the lack of information that contains the SAQ with this problem. This is why it should be resolve by the other parents such it as been alredy started with forum and facebook groups. Even though it’s not working very well because there’s not a lot to do from the parents.