Palm Oil’s Alternatives


Elodie Geoffrion

Sadly, 70% of the products we use contain palm oil, such as cosmetics, soap, shampoo…

Not so long ago, the rainforest covered 14% of the earth’s land and now only 6%. Rainforests in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa are being destroyed. There’s more CO2 in Indonesia than in the USA because of the destruction of the rainforest. Species of orangutans, rhinos, elephants, and tigers are closer to extinction it’s every day worst because their habitats are being destroyed to be replaced by palm oil plantations. They now cover 27 million hectares on the earth.

Palm oil has beneficial effects in cosmetics, such as skin hydration, a lot of Vitamin E, foaming, and softening. Lipstick often contains some because of its tasteless aspects. Vitamin E helps the immune system in health. It can reduce your risk of heart attack and cancer.

However, it is more important to protect biodiversity than to have perfect skin. That is why alternatives to palm oil are trivial to save our planet.  Among alternatives are extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, or rice bran oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is a good oil to have under your hand when you want to roast, fry, or bake foods. It would also help you combat cancer, and heart disease and alleviate inflammation. The olive oil comes from the olive, you can crush, mix, and then separate the olive from the pulp. The extra virgin oil is considered healthier because it’s extracted naturally, and it tastes and smells better.

Coconut oil is good for the health, it helps with skin and oral health, and helps lose weight. This oil gives energy quickly, reduces hunger, and protects the hair against damage. By using coconut oil, you can have better oral hygiene, because you can use it as a mouthwash, as it reduces bacteria.

Avocado oil helps with heart health and reduces cholesterol. It can reduce the pain of arthritis, a disease that touches a lot of people. You can use this oil cold or even for cooking.

Many Asian countries are using rice bran oil to cook, it is also used to feed animals. Anyhow, it has benefits: it can help you keep a good blood level, which could be good for diabetics. Like a lot of other oils, it helps with heart health and to keep cancer far away. It’ll help you have a good immune system and good skin health.

In conclusion, without the rainforest, the orangutans don’t have a home anymore and no more food to survive. It’s like if one day you got a house and supermarket, and tomorrow there were no more house, food, supermarket or anything to survive because somebody came and destroyed everything, only because they wanted to have the raw materials. You would die like the orangutans now.