Eco-Anxiety is on the Rise


Léanne Croussette

The Modern society level of eco-anxiety has grown and will affect future generations even more.


You can realize that you suffer from eco-anxiety by being scared by the pollution, having sleeping problems, feeling helpless, irritable, and many other reasons. Eco-anxiety can be influenced by what the social media are sharing and the way that they do it. Social media are sharing videos where we can see animals who are killed by hunters or fishermen, videos of the polluted oceans where fish are stuck in plastic bags, animals who are burnt in forest fires, and natural disasters, and more in places where they should not be. It affects a lot of the one who uses these apps.

Surprisingly, 30% of the group 322 are experiencing eco-anxiety. The principal reason was that they don’t want their future to be affected by all the changes that will happen due to climate change. They are also worried about the future of their children. Otherwise, people who are not affected by this type of anxiety said that they didn’t want to think about it and had other worries.

Some experts at the London College made a test for children in 10 different countries all around the globe and they found out that more than 45% of the children that have done the survey were feeling negatively affected in daily life and functioning. They are stressed about climate change and the effect that it may be going to have on them. 

You may think that it’s only children who are affected by eco-anxiety. Then, you’re wrong because everybody can suffer from this type of anxiety, rich or poor, young and old, or men and women. According to Jean-Sebastien Gagnon, the majority of adults have this type of anxiety because they worry about the future of their children and grandchild. It can be difficult to see because not everybody expresses it the same way.

Another factor is the feeling of helplessness, people are trying their best to try to make a difference but most of the problem is caused by big companies. People are recycling and doing compost but the ones who should make difference are not. If we all try to make a difference, maybe things are going to change.