Who Will Get The Money?


Lori Harvey

A famous divorced couple is in court because of a defamatory article that was published in 2018.


Johnny Depp, a famous actor, took his ex-wife Amber Heard to court. It all started in 2016 when Amber went to court and claimed that her husband was abusing her and then asked for a restraining order against him. Soon after, the marriage ended. Then, four years later, Johnny sued  Amber for making false claims about sexual violence he inflicted on her in an open letter she wrote to The Washington Post.


In an attempt to clear his name, Johnny took Amber back to court to sort out the allegations that were made about him. Their case has been going on for a couple of months and broadcasted on different news channels. It made the headlines all over the world.

Amber’s POV:

In court, she is claiming that Johnny sexually assaulted her multiple times. She claimed that he slapped her, punched her, broke her nose and even busted her lip. Amber also said she confronted him multiple times. She also claimed that he drank which aggravated his behaviour. “You poured yourself a mega pint of wine? Amber’s lawyer said and Johnny responded by saying “I poured myself a large glass of wine, I thought it necessary.”

A Lot of people think that there were inconsistencies in her story because one time she said he hit her multiple times and busted her lip, but the next day, she was on a television show and didn’t have a scratch. That is just one example of the contradicting versions she offered.

Some people also think her lawyers did a poor job. As an example, Ben Rottenborn was always objecting to everything Johnny said. Once, he even objected to a question he asked.

Johnny’s POV:

Johnny brought Amber to court because he wanted to prove to the World that these allegations were false. He hired notorious lawyers to help him win this case. Johnny is also suing Amber for false defamation about being sexually assaulted.

On TikTok, most people are on Johnny’s side and a little quiz to see who is on who’s side in the English concentration group and every student voted for Johnny except the ones who didn’t know about their story.

Johnny’s fans think that he will probably win because Amber said the name Kate Moss ‘’ I instantly think of… Kate Moss’’ who is Johnny’s ex. People might think this is bad news but it’s not, because when she testified she confirmed that she never got abused by her ex.


Johnny sued Amber and claimed 50 million dollars and Amber wanted 100 million but when the trial ended on June 2nd, the verdict was that Johnny owed Amber 2 million dollars and Amber owed him 15 million dollars.