Arbraska Duchesnay is back !


Marguerite Lortie

The famous activity, Arbraska Duchesnay, opened last weekend for a new season.


On May 14th, Arbraska on the touristic station Duchesnay in Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier opened for the public. They are offering an even better experience this season with their new demonstration course. Duchesnay proposes two different levels of obstacles for younger kids, teenagers and adults. 


The hardest course offers 5 different sections from beginner to intermediate and finishes with a difficult passage. Starting with green, the easiest one, that just shows what to expect for the rest of the activity. You then go to the next course, the blue one, which is mostly mobile structures that are more challenging. Then, you have the red one. The red is the most appreciated because of the points of view on lake St-Joseph where you reach the highest point, about 10 meters high. You can finish your day with the black course which is the hardest and if you want an even harder challenge you can participate in the “boucle extrême”. To do this, you have to do at least five chin-ups to test if you are strong enough for this. In addition, the big adult course starts at the age of 12 years with a minimum height of 1m80 with your arms up. This activity costs 32,95$ per teenager (12 to 17 years old) and 41,95$ per adult. You will also have the chance to do the 1000 feet long zipline. 


For younger kids, they also offer a small course called the “Jeunes Loups”. Kids can participate in this activity which takes about 1h15 mins. Parents can also do it with their kids if they want to. Children, starting from the age of 7 years old and 1m40, could have an amazing experience with their families. 


In addition, during this incredible sports activity, you could fight your phobia of heights in complete security. All customers are informed of every security rule and even tested in a demonstration course. Also, patrolmen are watching everybody making sure everything is fine. Those employees are also there whenever you need help or even to get evacuated. Like this, fighting your fear could be easier in total security all the way through this big challenge.


The touristic station Duchesnay also offers different types of activities. With a daily passport, you can have access to a brand new 7 million nautical center. In this place, you can borrow paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, pedalo, etc… You can also relax on the beach when the kids are playing on the playground. You can also purchase sandwiches and salads with a drink that you can buy in the bar of the center. There also are a bunch of hiking trails and kids’ activities like treasure hunts and rallies. To add to this beautiful experience, you can try their electrical bikes or if you prefer regular bikes. If you want to stay at the station longer, you can sleep in the hotel or in the new cottages.