Ukrainian commanding officer ask help to a billionaire: Elon Musk

Jasmin Grégoire, Journalist


A Ukrainian commander among the fighters besieged by Russian forces at the Azovstal factory in Mariupol on Wednesday appealed for help directly to US billionaire Elon Musk to intervene to save them.


Serhiy Volyna, a commander officer of the 36th Separate Marina Brigade tweeted May 11th to the famous billionaire Elon Musk in which he asked for help. “People say you come from another planet to teach people to believe in the impossible,” Volyna tweeted at Musk.


After that Ukrainians’s vice prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov followed his tweet with an appeal. SpaceX’s satellites have been deployed over Ukraine to supply the country with Internet which has been corrupted since the Russian’s outgoing invasion.


Volyna in desperate need of help created this twitter account hoping that his message will reach Musk. The Tesla chief already did his fair share in the war opposing Russia and Ukraine. The South-African billionaire sent equipment to help bring connectivity in the areas attacked by the Russian. He also challenged Vladimir Poutine (Russia’s president ) into “single combat” using the platform Twitter.


More than  2000 soldiers have been trapped in “heavy blood battles’ ‘ since the beginning of Marioupol invasion. The brave soldiers are now in the epicenter of the factory trying to evacuate the remaining people in the city. Getting waves of Russians soldiers after waves they are holding up with the help of the equipements Elon Musk sends them.


Many civilians were evacuated but the pressure that the Russians put on the Ukrainians prevented them from evacuating more civilians. Women and childrens have been evacuated by the Red Cross and the United Nations while the men are slowly pushing back the Russian’s army. Since the beginning of the Russian’s attack the Azovstal factory has been the main target and Ukrainians have sent reinforcements to help the soldiers that are already there.