Passwordless sing-on technology?


Mia Martinez Cote

Tech giants Apple, Microsoft and Google are working on a new way to log into our accounts with no password.


A lot of people have issues logging into their accounts because they forget their passwords and end up creating new ones. What if this problem disappeared? 


Tech giants announced that they are working on a way to ditch passwords allowing users to log into their accounts in a safer way so people don’t get their passwords stolen. You could log into your account with no potential of hack, break-ins and other security branches that happen 80% of the time because of stolen passwords.


The concept is simple. You need to prove to your device that you are the person who you claim to be. You will need your phone to connect to your computer on bluetooth to be sure that you are sitting near-by. You will receive a message verification on your phone. Then you will need to unlock your phone with your fingerprint or face recognition or PIN and that’s it you’re logged in. 


Apple, Google and Microsoft announced that we might be much closer than what we think of this new passwordless technology. They plan to make an alliance named FIDO (Fast Identification Online) to set the worldwide standards for passwordless authentication.


Since kids from this new generation have a hard time remembering things. According to Stone water forgetfulness becomes inevitable with the ongoing evolution which the brain experiences during adolescence. This new technology could be something great to help them not forget their passwords and lose their accounts. We asked a few people of a secondary 3 class and there are about ten people out of fifteen who have issues remembering their passwords.