FEQ Coming Back After a 3 Years Break


The “Festival d’Été de Quebec” will finally take place for the first time since 2019 this summer in Québec City.


One of the most important music festivals in Canada will make its big comeback on July 6th to July 17th. There will be shows on 4 different stages over a 12 day period.


The festival will restart at 100% without any restrictions, like the vaccine passport or the limited amount of spectators. ” We’re expecting the 2022 edition to be just like the one you’ve seen in 2019″ said Anne Hudon, the general director of the FEQ. Last year, the festival still took place but with limited capacity and only artists from Quebec.


The fans are more than happy about this news, because the FEQ was one of the things not to miss in the city during the summer. ” I’m very excited about this because it’s the first time that we will see artists like Marshmello and Maroon 5 at the FEQ ” said a student at La Camaradière.


The biggest scene is called  the Scene Bell on the Abraham plains. This is where the biggest shows are done because of the vastness of the park. Around 80 000 people can attend the shows before it reaches the maximum capacity. 


Everybody will find a group that they like because of the 130 groups and artists that will perform during the FEQ. There are 16 different music genres and groups from all over the world. People can listen to electronic music, rock, country and pop all at the same festival.


The electro night is one of the most awaited shows of the festival. The famous DJ Marshmello will finally make its appearance on the 13th of July. He was supposed to be at the 2020 edition but it got canceled because of the Covid-19 restrictions, so he came back this year. Be ready because the Abraham plains will turn into a dancefloor! For pop music lovers, Maroon 5 will perform on the Scène Bell on July 9th. The group will play their biggest hits, like payphone, a really loved song in Quebec. There will also be a rock night involving the group Rage Against The Machine.


A lot of artists from Quebec will play during the FEQ. On the 12 days, three Quebec singers will perform on the main stage on the Abraham plains. Charlotte Cardin will appear on the first day of the festival, while Loud and Half Moon Run are going to play on the 12th and the 17th of July.