Fly Fishing in 30 Days

Jacob Denis, Journalist

As you may know fly fishing has, in the last 2 or 3 years, become a trend. With Hooké promoting fly fishing and showing the craziest lakes and rivers all around the planet in hope of catching a monster. They got so popular that they are known as one of the faces of fly fishing and everywhere you go there will most probably be Hooké merch.


But that’s not the main reason why I’m writing this text. Today I’ll be explaining my 30 day journey as I progress in the fly fishing world.  


I’ve always been told that fly fishing was hard to do, so I stayed out of it and focused my energy and money on more traditional ways. But I started working at an outdoors store, Latulippe, a few months ago and my colleagues told me I had to try it out. So I did, I borrowed an entry to intermediate level combo (rod, reel and line) to take a quick little casting lesson with the notorious Mr.Gagnon (english teacher but also a well experienced angler).


Casting is the core part of this sport since if your cast is not well placed and doesn’t land smoothly you’ll probably scare the fish off. Let me explain, compared to regular fishing the lure (in that case the fly) has no weight, so you’re basically casting the line and you must put many hours to master the technique.

Luckily there are many tutorials on the internet explaining how to perfect your casts. As an example, mad river outfitters with their “how to get started in fly fishing” series which I have completely watched and found very interesting since he (Brian Flechsig, a very known and respected angler in the states) explains fly fishing down into some short and simple YouTube capsules. 


After having the basic knowledge, I went down to the fly department and asked « Francois Juliano » what flies I needed because he’s been fly fishing ever since his eyes opened. He has also been the leader of salmon fly fishing for over 30 years, he probably is one of the best fly fisherman in the province. He showed me a few flies that would excel in the start to midseason in most of the rivers.


At this point I was ready. I went fishing three times that same week. I had no luck catching fish but it’s fine since I got better with my casting presentation as well as working on my technic to work a fly naturally.