No More Masks In Public Places



Quebec, Canada – 11/11/2020: Remembrance Day ceremony in Quebec with Francois Legault, Premier of Quebec

Even though the pandemic is still going, the mask is now not mandatory in most public places.


Now, you are able to take off your mask in public stores such as grocery stores, clothes stores, and more. Everyday life will feel a lot more normal as you can now take off the mask freely in gyms, restaurants, and any public places that aren’t at risk of Covid cases. You will still need to wear a mask on public transport like on buses and others. Logically, it will also be mandatory to wear it in hospitals and other health centers.

 On May 14th, masks were officially not mandatory anymore in Quebec. Quebec is the last province of Canada to allow people to take their masks off in most public areas. The mask had been obligated for the great majority of places since July 2020 the beginning of the pandemic of Covid 19. ‘’The whole portrait is getting better’’ said Dr. Luc Boileau. Around 2 years later, it’s finally over, but we still gotta be careful with the coronavirus since the pandemic is not over yet and the mask could be mandatory again. If covid cases start to rise again we might be forced to wear it everywhere once again.

 I asked some students of the school what their opinion was about this change. 90% of them told me that they think that taking off the mask in public spaces is a good thing. Most of them told me that they like it like that because they can finally see their friends. I also asked them if they thought that the mask would be mandatory again in public places. Half of them think that the government will make the mask mandatory once again. The other half of them think that they won’t change it anymore and we will be free of the mask for a long time.

 In conclusion, we can now take off the mask in most public places. Most people are happy about it too!