Russian forces ”full”


Édouard Rousseau, Editor

Even though Ukraine seems to have pushed back its enemy a bit in the past weeks, Russian forces have been practically intact since the start of the war. 

The Pentagon has been furnishing daily updates on the Russian invasion on Ukraine and has confirmed that Russia still has at least 90% of its military inventories. 

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, president Zelensky asks his colleagues in the West for better weapons and missiles to try to hold back Vladimir Putin’s troops.  

“Out of all the Russian forces, we are talking about 3500 tanks, 6500 infantry fighting vehicles, 3500 mobility vehicles, 2500 artillery pieces, there is a 5% loss. The Russian force is almost intact, imagine your propane tank at home which is 95% full, you will say that it is full,” he says. 

Here are pieces of information told by an elderly U.S. defense official to journalists: 

The Russian forces are mostly still intact 

Russians try to spread “fear and confusion” in Kyiv 

The strikes on civilians continue, Russians are not “targeting only military infrastructures” 

These are just three informations amongst various others transmitted by the Pentagon. 

Therefore, Ukraina had a lot of casualties and is still fighting for their right.