New Gun Control Laws in the USA


Stricter gun laws may be imposed by the US government and these would be the main changes.

Gun sellers will now have to do deep background checks for buyers under 21 years of age. Also, State authorities will now conduct juvenile and mental health record checks to make sure the guns will only be used for self-defense or recreational activities responsibly. This policy would also apply to dating partners to make sure abusive partners do not have access to guns to potentially harm their loved ones and the people around them.

The US government will also be funding the State authorities to enable the “Red-Flag laws”. This will essentially allow authorities to temporarily confiscate firearms from potentially at-risk gun owners to be sure nobody gets harmed by these people. This policy will also give a budget for school mental health facilities and proper safety equipment. This way, school shootings will hopefully be less frequent.

“It’s a great first step but that’s just what it is, no single policy is going to stop every shooting but this policy could stop the next Parkland and that’s a good step.” Said Mr. hogg in an interview with the BBC

This decision has also been said to be one of the most important gun law changes in decades because even though not much has changed, it means that the American population may be ready to take more steps to better their gun control in the country.

This is a good decision that the US politicians are taking to further improve future generations’ futures and education which will greatly help to benefit the American society and maybe the entire world as a whole.

But with these new gun control laws put in place in the US, the question is: will Canada see changes in their laws as well?