Harry is back!


Daphné Gagné, Journalist

 Harry Styles has made a big comeback with his third album, Harry’s house, making him more popular than ever. 

Harry’s house came out May 20th 2022 and became the fastest selling album of 2022 in the UK. The new album has thirteen songs that are about three minutes each. On April 1st 2022 Harry released “As it was”, a single that became extremely popular around the globe, with an incredible music video that pleased all the fans. During Coachella, on April 15th,  the singer performed “As it was” live for the first time and two other songs that were unreleased at this time called “Boyfriends” and “Late night talking”. 

Before its release date, Harry’s house was leaked on Twitter where everybody could see it. Some fans denounced the leak of the album and others supported it, which created a weird atmosphere in the fandom. Some people were leaking songs all over social media, mostly on tiktok. 

The fans are very happy about this new album and they find it excellent. Everyone’s extremely proud of Harry, which makes him continue what he loves the most. People think Harry’s house is a masterpiece and that Styles is a complete genius for making songs that “feels like home”.  “When I first heard the album, I felt like my life had more meaning than I thought and I felt safe”, said Aurélie. “I’m not really a fan of Harry Styles but I think his new album was very good and I can’t wait for him to make more music”, said Mathilde. “I’m so proud of Harry”, said Marguerite. 

Harry Styles was once in a band called One Direction and he is now a very successful solo artist. He also played in some movies and showed us all that he is actually good at everything.