Lack of Girl’s Toilet: Economic Problem or Technical Problem


Gabrielle Dugal

15 girls stall 1323 students, make the count, there is not enough toilet for girls in the school.

It is not normal that girls have to pass their entire break in the line to go to the toilet. Some girls are late in class because they have to wait to be able to go to the toilet, which is a priority need. “When you spend all of your break, which is fifteen minutes, by the way, waiting in line to go to the bathroom which is a priority need for humans, for two minutes in the stall it’s not only a waste of time but it just shows how there aren’t enough, “candied Éva a girl in school. And boys are going to say they just have to hurry up and that they do it easily, but sometimes it’s long because they have to put on a tampon or change their pads. Also if they ask the teacher during the class if they can go to the toilet, the majority of the time the teacher says no, that they are supposed to go during the break. That makes that you can pass three hours without going to the toilet and if you are on your period and you wear a tampon, it can be very dangerous to keep it up in you. “There’s always a big lineup when you want to go pee and it’s boring and if you’re on your period it’s not cool because you do not have the choice to go, ” said Alicia a student at the Camaradiere.
In comparison with private schools and CEGEP, that problem is not here. ” I find that there is enough toilet for girls in my school,” tells a Mont-Saint-Sacrement student. It seems that private schools have enough toilets for girls, so it is maybe an economic problem. For the girl’s toilet in CEGEP, it does not look like it was a problem, but the fact that everybody doesn’t finish their class at the same time is one of the causes of why they do not have the same problem.

So, is it an economic problem or a technical problem?

Gabrielle Dugal