China sending pandas to quatar


China sent two pandas to Qatar for this year’s world cup.

the two pandas, Jing Jing and Si Hai were sent on October 18, and arrived on October 19. Si Hai, a three years old female weighing about 150 pounds. It will be given the Arabic name Thuraya. Jing Jing, a four years old male, he is weighing 265 pounds. It will be given the arabic

china started sending pandas as gifts from 1941 to 1984 then a new rule came. The first one was sent to the US by Soong Mei-ling as a way to say thank you.

a new rule appened in 1984 for the panda diplomacy. it is about that the pandas sent would come back after a period of time. For the 1984 olympics los angeles needed to pay for a panda 50 000$ per months.

later on this rule had another change. in 1991 China started loaning pandas for 10 years with the cost of  1 million dollars per year.