Nicole kills Two in Florida


Marianne Paquet, Journalist

This hurricane hit Florida early Thursday morning and will move to the East coast, according to Environment Canada. Even if it was a category 1 hurricane, It caused heavy damage and caused several deaths.

The natural disaster killed four people, and a downed power line electrocuted two. Two others died after their car crashed on the Florida Turnpike. Finally, Thomas Whittle died at 68 years old after trying to save people with his boat, rocking in heavy storm waters. The yacht broke loose and started to drift. His wife called the police at 4:33 to report the distress of her husband. The police found the couple on the boat, and they were taken to a nearby hospital, where the husband was pronounced dead.

They warned about some potential outages where the hurricane hit hardest. As a rare November hurricane, many roads are flooded, power lines are down, and many oceanfront properties are at risk of collapse. 24 hotels and condos are unsafe, and people need to evacuate. At least 25 families are homeless now.