Trendy Tiny Japanese Apartments.


Ariane Gauthier

A 95-squared foot apartment in Tokyo is really tiny and costs from 340$ to 630$ a month you can do anything you want in it and have access to many restaurants close to the apartment and your object can have two functions.

For teenagers in Tokyo, an apartment that only costs 340$ to 630$ a month is not that expensive compared to the larger apartments which costs 17 000$ to 20 000$ per year. It has been operating this shoe-box apartment since 2015 and with more than 1,500 residents now in its 100 buildings, demand has remained strong.Check Out These Popular, 95-Square-Foot Apartments in Tokyo

The apartment is also managed to suit all his needs even if it is really tiny  but the activities they can do are limited because of the space.the apartment is situated beside all little luxury boutiques,cafes,subway stations and all so it is easy to access. Sometimes an object can have two functions to minimize space and to have more activities to do in this tiny space.

They sleep on a lofted platform and they have 12-foot ceilings and an attic-like loft for sleeping , they also store their clothes on curtain rods.They are also stylish, with immaculate white floors and walls, and with some efficient arranging, it is possible to squeeze a washing machine, a fridge, a sofa and a work desk inside.

There’s also one person, Asumi Fujiwara, told the New York Times when she does yoga in front of the toilet, she can’t fully perform each pose due to lack of room, but that it’s worth it to have her own space.