New Hydrogen Car from Australia

Mathys Prevost

In this year 2022, the first-ever entirely hydrogen working car has been marketed to the Canadian public! It is called the “Hyundai Nexo,” it is the first hydrogen-powered automobile to be made available to buy and sell in Canada.

For starters, the price of this beautiful car comes at an astounding 71,000 Canadian dollars! As said, it is hydrogen-powered, which makes it very “unique” being that almost all of the cars that are on the market are powered by gasoline, diesel, or even electric. The hydrogen batteries in the vehicle itself work like an electric engine would work, you go to the nearest hydrogen pump in your area and you plug it in, and wait until it is fully charged. Contrary to other electrical types of cars that take hours on end to fully charge, this new technology makes the car charge fully in approximately five stunning minutes!

When the vehicle is fully charged, it can travel up to 570 kilometers. If you do so, you would think that traveling for so long would pollute the air right? Believe it or not, when the Hyundai Nexo is running, what comes out of the exhaust is water vapor. Contrary to a normal car, it surprisingly filters and purifies the air as you drive it! So zero CO2 nor noxious emissions come out of the back of the car and that’s what makes this car good for the environment. In terms of noise, it is very quiet. No more noise pollution in frequented areas such as little towns or even big towns.

In conclusion, hydrogen cars like the Nexo will likely be the next big era of the automobile industry, not only hydrogen vehicles are filtering and purifying the air, but they are also super ecological for the environment and the noise pollution that exists in the big world we live in.